Future Kit Group operates the business of manufacturing and distributing electronic kits and electronic projects. Our products include appropriate kits, modules, microcontroller robot and experiment board, and multipurpose boxes. In addition, there are other services such as designing circuit kits as required, research and development work, as well as provide basic electronic circuit assembly training services to various educational institutions. 
          The group of companies has started business since 1988 under the name of Future (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. With the intention of producing electronic products for use in learning, studying, researching, and entertaining students, youth, and general interested people.
          Later in the year 2000 and 2004 established Future kit Marketing Company Limited and Hobby World Center Company Limited to operate the business of selling Future Kit products for domestic and foreign customers respectively.
          At present, We have customers who are dealers in every province in Thailand, including more than 300 stores. And have distributors abroad in many regions, including more than 50 stores.
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