To some cultures the presence of a cricket is said to be good luck. To others it is an annoying, intrusive insect. The FK270 utilizes op-amps to mimic the sound of a cricket. Hobbyists and students will see immediately that the same circuit can be used to play an amusing joke. Add a photo transistor that when the "cricket" is exposed to light the sound stops. Then push the cricket under a bed or other furniture and watch the fun when people start looking for the source of voice.

Technical Specification
  • Power Supply : 9VDC @ 30mA max.
  • Tone : Trimmer adjustable
  • Dimensions : 2.25" x 1.57" x 1.2" (excluding speaker : 57mm x 40mm x 30.5mm)
  • Recommended Housing : FB03

Download Manual Click Here

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