The reduced weight of the Li-poly cell makes them ideal for Radio Controlled Model Aircraft and portable appliances. The FK819 has been designed to charge Li-Po without overcharge by limiting the applied voltage to no more than 4.235 V per cell used in a series combination. This now means that enthusiasts can now recharge their model aircraft batteries in the field from a car accessory plug or other 12v-15V source. The 819 features an efficient switch-mode circuit, auto cut off at charge point, 1 or 2 cell charging and reverse-polarity protection.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply : 12-15VDC @ more than 600mA.
  • Charge Current : 400mA or 600mA (selectable).
  • Battery Capacity : 1 or 2 cells.
  • LED charge indication.
  • Automatic charge cut-off circuit when battery is full.
  • PCB Dimensions : 3.73" x 2.44" x 0.8" (95mm x 62mm x 20mm)

Download Manual Click Here

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