Here is a digital Time of Day Clock and Programmable Preset time in one economical package. There are 40 sets of on-off action that can be programmed to control 4 electrical devices at the same time. Programs may be one-time, daily repeat or set to omit operation on Sundays or Saturdays and Sundays. Correct time is maintained during blackouts by a back-up battery feature.The MXA114 will find application in schools, sports clubs and industry to indicate start/stop times for lessons or work periods, lunch times and rest breaks. It can also be used to control public and shop lighting and advertising signs.

Technical Specification
  • Power supply : 12VDC./max. 180mA.
  • Back-up battery current consumption : 700mA.
  • Max. load for each relay : 300W at 220VAC.
  • Total number of programmable events for on-off actions : 40.
  • The operation can be divided into 11 modes.
  • In the free mode, the on-off action can be programmed to happen within 1 week period.
  • When out off electric, the time is walking but the display isn't showing.
  • PCB dimensions : 1.16 in x 2.35 in. (display board), 4.55 in x 3.14 in. (control board).

Download Manual Click Here

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