A programmed microprocessor and a precise digital temperature probe element are used by the FK951 to indicate and control temperature. A relay output controls heating and cooling loads when a user defined preset temperature threshold is exceeded. Applications for the FK951 include automatic fan control, over or under temperature alarm in broiler sheds and temperature control in hatching machines.

Technical Specification

  • Power supply : 12VDC./max. 100mA.
  • Can be set to detect the temperature from -25 C to 100 C.
  • Cut-off circuit when the actual temperature is lower or higher than the set temperature.
  • Maximum Contact : 1A./220VAC.
  • Maximum delay time of operation : 9.59 minutes.
  • There is a second connector for another temperature sensor ( not including in the kit).
  • IC board dimension : 2.35 in x 3.73 in.
  • display and a loudspeaker for detection.

Download Manual Click Here

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