• Power supply : 12VDC. 7A. (Battery)
  • Compatible with a 15VAC 1A. adapter or an 18V 5-10W solar cell.
  • Equipped with built-in 24-LED white bulbs.
  • Equipped with a test switch for circuit testing.
  • Equipped with a light detecting sensor in case of blackout in daytime i.e. the circuit stops working.
  • If the emergency light circuit works the power supply from the battery is lower than 10VDC; the circuit will stop working and immediately supply no power to the LED bulbs.
  • Equipped with a built-in battery charger. Extra LED bulbs can be connected by means of MAXXTRONIC circuit (code MXA104).It is a set of emergency lighting for multipurpose application
  • lighting for emergency exit and walkway at night etc. The circuit works automatically in case of blackout at night or in dark places. Its superb characteristic is that it contains a built-in battery charger. Moreover, it is compatible with a solar cell if power supply is out of reach.

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