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The MXA007 is ideal for long distance visibility in daylight situations. This 7" single-digit, 7-segment, display features ultra-bright, red, LEDs making it suitable for score boards, event timers, production counters and retail pricing systems. Operation voltage is jumper selectable for 12V or 24V.Each segment comprises 20 LEDs and 5 LEDs for the decimal point.

Technical Specification

  • Digit Size : 100mm x 180mm or 4" x 7"
  • Drive Current at 12V : Segment 60mA, Decimal Point 15mA. Total Load : 435mA
  • Drive Current at 24V : Segment 30mA, Decimal Point 15mA. Total Load : 225mA
  • PCB Dimensions : 136mm x 192mm (Available also as an indoor module MXA036 featuring Wide-Angle High-Brightness Red LEDs)

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