This solar charge controller is suitable for using with DC electrical appliances such as bulb, etc. where there is not access by electricity or need energy conservation. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. Maintain peak battery power and protect battery from overcharged and over-discharged to increase battery service life.

     Technical data

     - Battery required : 12V. 7A.
     - Solar Panel required : 16-22V. 5-30W.
     - Max. working current : 1.6A. @ 18V. of solar panel.
     - Max. load current : 5A.
     - Auto charge and cut-off power when battery is full or low.
     - Cut off the circuit operation when battery voltage is less than 10V., and reconnect when the voltage rise up to 12V.
     - There are the LED status; Power, Load and Charge.
     - There are 2 point for connect the solar panel; has diode protect and no has the diode protect.
     - IC board dimension : 2.50 x 2.67 inch.

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