This experimental board is suitable for studying and learning both electronic circuits and computer programming.

Benefits of learning

  1. Learn about how to operate an application on a mobile phone.
  2. Learn about ARDUINO programming for control electronic circuits.
  3. Learn and develop work orders through the Internet of Things (IoT) system.

Technical data

  • Power supply : 5VDC.
  • Electric current consumption : 500mA.
  • Applications can be used on mobile phones to control the experimental board via Wi-Fi.
  • There are 6 LEDs for display and there are 3 switches for control (the user can be select LED or switch via jumper).
  • There is 1 photo transistor.
  • There are buzzer speakers for testing.
  • IC board dimension : 2.98 in x 3.10 in.

Download manual click here

             Download source code click here

             Download driver click here

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