Imagine, a Digital Clock, Stop Watch and Programmable Preset Timer all in one package. The MXA070 will find application in schools, sports clubs and industry. It will time down to 1/100ths of a second in stopwatch mode. Up to 20 program events (10 ON and 10 OFF) may be set for each channel. Programs may be one-time, daily repeat or set to omit operation on Sundays or Saturdays and Sundays. The MXA070 is also fitted with high current, multiplexed drivers to drive external 7 segment displays like the 9" MXA004 units. Also available, on request, are DEMUX modules to power high brightness displays in direct drive mode for daylight applications such as sporting events. Correct time is maintained during blackouts by a back-up battery feature.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply : 12VDC @ 115mA (max)
  • Battery Back-up : 0.5mA 3V
  • Timing Modes : Time of Day, Stop Watch, Timer Control (up to 23:59.59Hours).
  • External Display Driver : Multiplexed up to MXA004 (9")
  • Output Signals : 2 x 50mA open collector.
  • PCB Dimensions : 4.70" x 3.90" x 0.55" (120mm x 110mm x13mm)

Download manual click here

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