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18. MXA009



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This single digit counter features a 0.7" seven segment display and is driven from a wide voltage range power supply. The MXA009 is stackable to many digits as required making it suitable for product counting, store traffic or event recording.
On-board display drivers allow the MXA009 to drive external displays in either common cathode or common anode mode. The counter is presettable for applications requiring counts to a predetermined number. A common reset is provided.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply : 5 -12VDC 80mA max. @12VDC
  • Input frequency : 15 KHz max.
  • Count Direction : UP/DOWN (Selectable)
  • Display Dimensions : 40.4mm x 32.8mm
  • Control Board : 85.34mm x 32.18mm
  • Recommended Housing : FB04

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