It is a UHF remote control circuit compatible with electric appliances, composed of six channels for turning on and off, for instances, light, electric fan etc.

Technical Specification

  • Power supply : 12VDC.
  • At standby stage the circuit consumes about 15mA and at working stage about 250mA.
  • UHF wave is the medium of control.
  • For outdoor use, and with an antenna, the control capability ranges up to 30m.
  • Six channels are provided for controlling six electric appliances. The highest power consumption for each channel is 1A.
  • Six optional modes of control can be set ; Mode on, Mode off, Mode push-on push-off, Mode alternatively work, Mode push-on release-off and Mode off all.
  • Can be used with the remote control MAXXTRONIC MXA108.
  • PCB dimensions of control unit : 3.87 in x 4.38 in.

Download manual click here

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