This detector circuit uses the PIR sensor to detect human and animal movements. It is used to study learning work. Can also be applied to a variety of practical applications such as alarm systems and automatic power off and lighting systems.

     Technical data

     - Power supply : 12VDC.
     - Electric current consumption (standby) : 13mA (max.)
     - Electric current consumption (working) : 85mA (max.)
     - Detection range : 4-meter.
     - Can set the delay time, when first supplying the power : 99.59 minutes (max.)
     - Can set the delay time of detection : 99.59 minutes (max.)
     - Can set the time of the relay : 99.59 minutes (max.)
     - Can be set to wait for detection : 99.59 minutes (max.)
     - Control output : contact capacity 1A/250VAC.
     - PCB board dimension (PIR sensor board) : 1.22 in x 1.02 in.
     - PCB board dimension (control board) : 1.72 in x 4.45 in.

Download manual click here

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