This circuit is a practical demonstration of the principles used in metal detecting equipment used by the military, police and security companies when searching for weapons. The same principle is used to locate embedded wires before drilling into walls,or to locate buried treasure! The FK919 will detect both ferrous metals such as iron and steel, and non ferrous metals such as copper, bronze, aluminum.The resonance of the coils is adjustable to optimize performance for differing locations and search criteria.

Technical Specification
  • Power Supply : 9VDC @ 40mA max. (working)
  • Sensitivity : adjustable by potentiometer.
  • Detection Range : 10mm max.
  • Dimensions : 3.01" x 1.71" x 1.5" (76.5mm x 43.43mm x 38mm)
  • Recommended Housing : FB04

Download Manual Click Here

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